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LPG’s energy content (Calorific Value) is the highest amongst other conventional fuels. A very high proportion of the energy content of LPG is converted into usable heat.

LPG & PNG both offer clean and efficient combustion and the equipment used for combustion of these gases, like burners etc have significantly no maintenance costs.

Environment Friendly

LPG & PNG both have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions than any other conventional fuels. Combustion of both gases produces no smoke generation, no sulphur emissions, no poisonous gases, no soot and no unburnt carbon particles.

And when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions both gases are the cleanest fuels available today.

Convenience & Safety

LPG & PNG both are extremely safe fuels if handled in the right way. Both gases are very easy and convenient to use for a wide range of applications across several industries. The number of known applications for both gases around the world totals to over 2000.


While LPG is easily accessible and available in different sizes of portable cylinders, PNG has even better accessibility where the PNG pipeline connection is available right at your premises gate for your use, thanks to the Natural Gas grid created all over India by GAIL.

Commercial Viability

Compared to liquid and conventional fuels, LPG / PNG are the most commercially viable fuels when fuel efficiency and maintenance costs are taken into consideration.